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Bilga General Hospital Charitable Trust
Bilga-144036.Distt.jalandhar, Punjab, India
UK registered Address: Severn House, 96 Albert Rd, Stechford, Birmingham.B33 8AG
Charity No: 1075871
Constitution adopted on 12th May 1999 by UK charity board

I have been involved in Charity Projects since 1992. The first project was the Amardeep Memorial College in Makandpur, which is a beautiful complex set in 30 acres of rural countryside. There are 1500 students from 180 villages studying medical, non-medical, computer and economic degrees.

The college is now affiliated to the Guru Nanak Dev University in Amritsar. I urge you to visit this complex on your next visit to Punjab and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Since December 1997 I have been a Medical Advisor to the Guru Nanak Hospital in Pasla which opened last month providing OPD and surgical facilities.

The Bilga General Hospital Charitable trust proposal was put forward at the first meeting held on 28th December 1997, Nirmal Farm, Bilga.

This communication aims to make you aware of a project that has commenced to build a charitable hospital in the village Bilga, India. The foundation stone laying ceremony occurred on 13th April vaisakhi 2000 and was performed by Dr. Baldev Raj Chawlar (Health Minister of Punjab). The hospital will be completed in April 2003.
This is a joint project between the people of Bilga, surrounding areas and ex-patriot Indians from around the world.
The project has full support from the people of Bilga and surrounding villages.
This was demonstrated by the Comrade Kartar Memorial Trust Committee, which has donated approximately 5 acres of land for the building of the hospital.
The hospital will be modern and well equipped and able to provide medical facilities for those people living in Bilga and surrounding areas.
This communication has been issued with the view of gaining your support for this project. It will attempt to highlight some of the reasons why it is vital to create these facilities, identify the key aspects of the proposal and provide you with information about how you might support this project.

In the UK and western world 80% of all fatalities are caused by illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and strokes.
In India, infectious diseases cause the majority of fatalities. These diseases are treatable with the aid of modern medical facilities and treatments and preventable though education and basic health care awareness, however, these facilities and this information are not always conveniently accessible to those who live in rural areas.
Hence, this project has been embarked upon to address these very concerns.

Facilities at the hospital will include:

Initially there will be 48 beds but has the capability to expand to 100 beds
Accident and Emergency department
Medical department
Surgical department to include 2 theatres
Labour and gynaecological facilities
Infectious and Tropical medicines department
Outpatients clinic
Diagnostic wings
Drugs and alcohol addiction units
Public and social health departments
Medical teaching facilities (linked to Amardeep Memorial College)
Doctors and nurses residence

Operating principals

1. The hospital has registered charitable status in UK and India
2. It will be run on a non-religious, non-political and non-profit making basis, but will become self sufficient within 5 years of opening
3. The project is funded jointly by local people in India and UK and overseas fund raising events.
4. It is proposed that the hospital will work with and share facilities with neighbouring hospitals such as Pasla hospital
5. It will also aim to develop good working links allowing referrals to specialist facilities across Punjab, UK and the world via internet links
6. Assessment of social status of the population within 5km catchment area to determine the level of charitable status

There is a definite need for modern medical facilities in the area to bring it up to 21st century standards, currently there are minimal medical facilities for the well off and poor alike and people who are seriously ill have to travel 2 hours to reach appropriate facilities.

Contributing to this project will enable us to put back in to our home community facilities that would benefit our relatives and us. It will provide us with a vehicle for developing positive links with our home communities, encouraging 2nd and 3rd generation Indians living abroad to develop an interest and links with India, further developing community spirit.

It will also provide valuable facilities for Indians returning to the region on retirement or on holiday with their families.

Unanimous backing has been gained from surrounding areas with representatives from over 30 villages participating and pledging their support.

A sub committee has been formed in India with regular monthly meetings. Open meetings have been held in the UK in which over 200 people actively participated and offered their moral and financial support. Also regular meetings by the steering committee have been held since April 1998, with documented minutes on record.

We appeal to you to support this project and be a part of the venture to put something valuable back into our home community. We especially appeal to the 2nd and 3rd generations qualified and studying in medical elated subjects to become part of this unique international team to build and raise the standards of the medical and educational institutions in Punjab.

We hope that you will contribute to this project with your ideas, suggestions, moral and financial support and sponsorship of rooms and medical equipment.

If you would like further information about the project please do not hesitate to contact me on this no:
Dr. Jugjit S Sanghera (president): 0850 781 451, or other members of the steering committees:

Mr Tarlochan S Bilga (chairman): 0121 551 2589
Mr Kulbir Sanghera (general secretary): 0850233260
Gian S Sanghera (treasurer): 0411 768076
Engrez S Sanghera (legal advisor): 0850731608
Piara S Sanghera (PR Secretary: 0121 429 4895

Medical advisors:
Dr Shakti Gupta         /           Dr Bhadar Najak Dr Mubarak Sanghera
Dr Vijay Rajput         /            Dr Gursharan Gangotra
Dr David Watson      /            Dr Chris Ellis (consultant-tropical/infectious diseases)

Other members:
Mohan S Sanghera Baj Nath
Gurdial S Sanghera
Gurdev,Ravi and Rick Bahara
Satnam S Bilga Dault Ram and Sons
Sukhdev S.Sanghera (CS Motors)

Coresolution to Constitute Subcommittee

The Executive Committee of the Bilga General Hospital Charitable Trust U. K.- Severn House, 96 Albert Road, Stechford, Birmingham, B33 8AG, England, U. K. met on the 25th August 2000 and unanimously passed the Resolution to constitute a sub-committee pursuant to Article 4.4 of the constitution and appointed the undermentioned persons as Sub-Committee (see Schedule I) to carry out the functions and duties hereunder stated (see schedule II).

The members of the Sub-Committee shall be:
1. Dr. Jaswinder Singh Bilga MSc,PHD as its president
2. Parshotam Lal Principal as its Vice President
3. Master Prem Lal as General Secretary
4. Pt. Om Parkash Prashar as Ass-secretary
5. Ass-secretary Rajiv Duggal
6. Ragbir Singh as Treasurer
7. Ass-treasurer Tarseem Singh
8. Ass Harpal Singh
9. Master Sucha Singh as Supervisor ( stores & Consutrition)
10. Ass Satpal Gahba
11. Ashwani Kumar as Supervisor of Accounts and Financial matters
12. Advocate Gurminder Singh Bilga as Legal Advisor
13. Surinder Kumar as Co-Ordnature
14. Ram Lubhai Pauli as Propaganda Secretary
15. Usna Rani Position will be EXECUTIVE MEMBERS
16. Balvir Kaur Position will be EXECUTIVE MEMBERS
17. Dr. Sadish Kumar Position will be EXECUTIVE MEMBERS
18. Ragbir Singh Patwari Position will be EXECUTIVE MEMBERS
19. Pusspinder Joshi Position will be EXECUTIVE MEMBERS

The sub-committee shall be charged with the undermentioned functions and duties unless amended or altered by the Executive Committee of the trust by a resolution;
1. To collect donations, funds, apply for grants, subscriptions and raise funds for the trust and keep up-to-date books of accounts and issue receipts for the money/donations so they have receipts on behalf of the BGH Charitable Trust (herein after the ‘trust’)
2. To purchase and transfer land and property to the trust, and to receive gifts of any nature including and; property, assets, machines, equipment, medicines and so on and issue receipts for the same; and to keep up-to-date records and inventory of the same.
3. To superintend, oversee, supervise and efficiently manage the project, and at- land to all matters relating to the construction of buildings.
4. To open, maintain, operate and conduct bank accounts and to keep good accounting records of income and expenditure incurred and cause the accounts to be audited by a competent authority and to comply with laws and all legal requirements.
5. To nominate its representatives to commence, defend or pursue legal cases or actions, and engage lawyers, agents to project the rights and interests of the trust.
6. To submit monthly report shall give details of all the income/expenditure and activities
7. To liase with NRI Sabha and others bodies with similar aims and interests.
8. The sub-committee shall make available for inspection by the trust (U.K.) or its authorised representative(s)- all books of accounts and records and documents.
9. It is provided that the constitution of the sub-committee, its duties, powers and functions shall be reviewed within 12 months at the Annual Meeting in 2001.

Verified and signed at Birmingham, England by the Executive Committee Members/Trustees:
· President: Dr. Jagjit S. Sanghera- 0750-781451
· Chairman: Tarlochan S. Bilga- 07050102520
· General Secretary: Kulbir S. Sanghera- 0750 233260
· Treasurer: Gian S. Sanghera- 07711 768070
· A. Secretary: Mohan S. Sanghera- 0121 454 3172
· A. Treasurer: Satnam Bilga- 0121 554 1988
· PR Secretary: Piara Singh-0121 429 4895

The Executive Committee of the Bilga General Hospital Charitable Trust
Charity Reg No: 1075871 (U. K.)
Severn House, 96 Albert Rd, Stechford, Birmingham, B33 8AG,England, U.K.


E-mail: juggit.sanghera@easternbirminghampct.nhs.uk
Web Site: bilga.8m.com